Keyword Research & Analysis

Do you have a website that doesn’t rank on Google for the keywords and phrases you want? Do you feel like you’re spending too much money on Google Ads advertising without getting the expected results and return on investment? Why not trust professionals to research and choose the right keywords and phrases to optimize your site and ads. You just need to focus on your business.


Any new business venture is strongly recommended to start with market research, competitors, target groups, etc. In search engine optimization (SEO) this is the law, just as it is in PPC advertising in Google Ads.

If you start an SEO project / process without first researching the niche and at least the main keywords, it’s like shooting with your eyes closed. If you have to imagine it in another way – imagine going out on the terrace of your office with the money you will invest and start spraying it in the air with the idea of attracting customers from the people on the sidewalk.

What is keyword research?

In short, it all starts with how a potential customer of yours can type something in the Google search box (maybe Bing). Keyword research is a science (process) for understanding what your potential customers are looking for, what are the phrases / words that indicate people’s intention to buy your product or service.

The service we offer is designed to help you understand the value of your keywords, the search for specific phrases, and how much work it will take to get your site on the front page of Google and Bing search results. 

What are the benefits of keyword research for SEO and PPC campaigns?

1. You’ll know how much effort it will take to get your site visible on the first pages of the search results for targeted keywords and phrases.

2. It will show you opportunities for quick profits from well-targeted niche phrases that are not very competitive.

3. It will show you which keywords and phrases your competitors are targeting.

4. It will help you distinguish between keywords and phrases that simply drive visitors from those that can bring sales.

5. It will show you new opportunities for the development of your business, as well as targeting niches in which it is worth investing.

6. It will save you valuable time that you can invest in improving your business, products and services.

Who we are and why should you trust us?

We are experts in finding the right keywords and phrases for your business to compete in SEO and PPC channels. We are also one of the preferred digital marketing agencies in Hawaii. We offers high quality services in the optimization for organic results for longtail keywords and phrases.